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Our Story

We are freelancers; a group of people skilled, talented & dynamic; has expertise in particular field of knowledge. Sometimes we are remote; yet sometimes we are a community. We gather together sometimes; sometimes don't. However, we are always bound together to work as a community coz we come together & share the workload & that makes our works faster than an individual, smarter than the hard labour; efficient & time saving. There's no barricade for our joy! We love what we do! We respect each other coz we are values based.

We are passionate in doing what we do and we do it love. That gives us motivation to reach more and more people; doesn't matter who it is, or whatever the place be; or wherever it is. We are unbiased. We respect each other. Our core value is love. When we do actions out of love that makes a lot sense than mere an action. (It's not boasting; but what we are!) We enjoy working wherever we are. Therefore, we've chosen this virtual platform to assist more & more. Nobody is restricted enjoy our services. 

We began to be in this field by providing limited pc services in our localities for free of cost or low or very affordable price. It did not begin with number of people as such also. But began with one or two, which is quite extended now. We launched the web portal in the end of 2019 to reach the people with whatever possibilities with our solutions. 

Want to know why people keep choosing to work with Virtual Pc Assistant?

  • Affordable services

  • Clean & top notch work

  • Cost effective

  • Available for any computer related issues

  • Flexible & reliable

  • & more when you experience our services.

Planning to try? Explore our services? Get in touch to know more.

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