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See the below frequently asked questions

Who is Virtual Pc Assistant (VPA)?

A virtual Pc assistant is a competent, expert in given fields and flexible in time structure; above all remotely associates whether in the essential or non-essential tasks of any individual, small, medium or any community or NGOs, etc. Know more here

Why is Virtual Pc Assistant?

The purpose of VPA is to serve the people wherever they are and whenever they are in need of Pc related issues. Often, people tend to purchase services which is pricey & costlier than the actual is. Certain solutions can be sorted out without the physical computer assistant & additional hefty charges. We understand your requirements and make if very affordable to reach your standards. Therefore, we are different from other services.  See more on services

Why can't I sign up and book the service I need?

We'd like to inform you, it isn't possible unless you've consulted with us before. If you're new to VPA, you'll have to send us the quote first. You'll be provided access only when you are sure avail our services.

Can I call & book the service?

We do not have that facility. Instead, you are required to submit the quote and we'll respond to you with your queries.

Can I send the quote through the message?

We do not accept quote through mere message. Kindly fill the form and submit to us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Click here to submit.

Is sending a quote necessary?

Yes. We shall respond to you when only you send us the quote. It will help us to meet your needs as mentioned.

Don't you offer any trial services?

We don't offer any such trial services. It is simply because we are on a mission to help reach people whenever needed or required. So, the customer must have it listed what services needed from us in fact, customer needs to be concrete & determined to avail the service.

What long it takes to get a VPA after submission of the form?

It usually matters on the nature of your needs. On the basis of your requirements, we'll allocate a right VPA with similar background and skillset to deal with and assist you further. It should not take more than 24hrs. 

How do I work with my VPA?

Most of the clients prefer be in touch via calls and instant messaging. It is up to you to decide to use whether phone or messaging apps. Read more on how to deal with? (Code of ethics) and (Data Policy

Does VPA work on holiday?

It matters the nature of your tasks. In fact, VPA works even on holidays whenever you are in need of.

What is the difference between other VAs an d VPAs?

Well, both could mean the same. The nature of work certainly differ. The mode is remote indeed. However, we offer more affordable price to our customers than the other. We see the needs to achieve. We do it happily and with contempt. We offer services that we are capable of only. We do not indulge in trying out service. (We don't want to boast further)

Does the VPAs have specific time of work?

There is no specific hours. However, specific hours could be fixed based on the requirement of the customer.

Why do you offer affordable price plans?

We offer such plans or affordable pricing for tasks to meet the people's need. It would be quite cheaper than the hefty prices they pay to other ends. It doesn't matter what kind of service it is. 

Is the data transfered between customer and VPA safe?

Yes, indeed. Whenever any data is required for transfer, is performed over a secure cloud storage and communication; where privacy is a matter of concern. We make sure the data transfered is intact and reliable by means there's a end to end encryption. The data is encrypted with a key which is accessible by the owner, made accessible only when given to the VPA by a decryption key.

Are your VPAs are capable and trustworthy?

We've the team, capable of doing the services in which we are thoroughly into. They are trustworthy simply because they are concerned about people's needs, privacy and security. (Sorry! No boasting further)

Is Virtual Pc Assistant registered company?

For your kind information, it is not a company, not a registered company. It is rather a remote group of enthusiasts, developers, techies & more talented who are involved in freelancing services; providing services to the people whenever possible. 

Have any questions further? 

Write to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Click here

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